Welcome Bulldogs!!! We are offering CURE items at this time. The deadline for all pre-orders is August 9th. All items will be delivered to the school and can be picked up at open house. There are no refunds/exchanges after items are purchased. PLEASE make sure you are ordering the correct sizes before submitting the order. For any questions, please contact Ms. Gnann at 912-754-3326 or dgnann@effingham.k12.ga.us.


PC78 Ath Heather Sweatshirt ADULTPC78 Ath Heather Sweatshirt ADULT
PC78 White Sweatshirt ADULTPC78 White Sweatshirt ADULT
PC54 Ath Heather Cure Tee ADULTPC54 Ath Heather Cure Tee ADULT
PC54 White Cure Tee ADULTPC54 White Cure Tee ADULT
PC90Y Ath Heather Cure Sweatshirt YOUTHPC90Y Ath Heather Cure Sweatshirt YOUTH
PC90Y White Cure Sweatshirt YOUTHPC90Y White Cure Sweatshirt YOUTH
PC54Y Ath Heather Cure YOUTHPC54Y Ath Heather Cure YOUTH
PC54Y White Cure YOUTHPC54Y White Cure YOUTH